Se encuentran abiertas las inscripciones para adelantar estudios de Doctorado en Ciencias de la Computación e Ingenierías; en Economía, Mercados e Instituciones y Sistema Político y  en Cambios Institucionales en el IMT «Institutions, Markets, Technologies; Instituto de Estudios Avanzados de Lucca con posibilidades de beca.

45 PhD positions & scholarships

All students | no tuition fees + free access to IMT Canteen

24 | free accommodation 
24 | full grants (±13.638 € gross) 
03 | INDAP additional grants

3 full grants are co-financed by European Commission – European Social Fund, Ministero del Lavoro, della Salute e delle Politiche Sociali and Regione Toscana.

Candidates can apply if they obtain their degree NOT later than December 24, 2008

IMT is an International Graduate School Founded by:

LUISS Guido Carli, Rome 
Politecnico di Milano 
Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies 
University of Pisa 
Lucca Foundation for Higher Education and Research

IMT Distinctive Features

IMT is an Institute for Advanced Studies that aims to push the frontiers of knowledge and to contribute to the formation of international professional elites for business and institutions.

PhD Programs are taught exclusively in English.

Research and PhD Programs focus on institutional and technological change, the role of organizations and markets in economic systems, the analysis of complex systems in social sciences, computer science and engineering.

IMT attracts bright students, young researchers and professors through competitive, transparent procedures at an international level.

The campus system and residential services provided by the Lucca Foundation for Higher Education and Research (FLAFR) create a vibrant, close-knit intellectual community.

Online applications only at:

Download advertising pdf:

There is also a call for Young Researchers and Tenured Professors as well.  More details on IMT website:

Further information:

Institute for Advanced Studies, Lucca
Tel.: +39.0583 4326561

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